ABC’s of Homeschooling

ABC's of Homeschooling

Welcome to our ABC’s of Homeschooling series!  Each week for the next 26 weeks, we will be posting a topic relating to homeschooling for each letter of the alphabet.  Check out our posts every Monday for a brand new topic! We are so excited to bring you this series, so check back next Monday for our first topic!

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5 Fun Freebies For Fall!

5 fall freebies

Add a few pumpkins, scarecrows, and fallen leaves to your studies this week with these 5 fun freebies for fall! *This post may contain affiliate links which help our homeschool thrive. Please see our disclaimer for more information.* Whether you need to work on math, writing, reading, or vocabulary, Educents has plenty of free resources to add to your homeschool. Download one […]

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All About Reading Level 4 Review

Benefits of All About Reading

*This post may contain affiliate links which help our homeschool thrive. Please see our disclaimer for more information.* All About Reading – Level 4  Product Review by Angie @HomeschoolEtc.   All About Reading is hands down my favorite teaching tool to date for teaching reading.  Developed by All About Learning Press, All About Reading is an easy to use, multi-sensory […]

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What Do Homeschool Moms Do All Day

homeschool meme

I just thought I would drop in this weekend to share this fun meme I made this evening. Enjoy!

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10 Must Haves for Homeschool Moms

Homeschool Supplies for Mom

Everyone always talks about what you need for homeschooling, but what about mom? There are some things we as homeschool moms need to save our sanity.  Here’s a list of my top ten must haves that keep me organized and happy throughout the year. 1. A really big tote bag  And by big I mean a purse that will be able […]

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Stay Tuned!


Some of you already know that our computer recently crashed. If it was going to happen, now is a good time as we are still in our pre-launch phase.  Rest assured, we will be back up and running in time for our official launch on July 1, 2016.  Meanwhile, we will be busy re-writing all of our great articles and […]

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Home Economics Musings

home economics

Today I saw a meme on Facebook that slightly disturbed me. It read something to the effect that high schools should have a class on things you should know before you graduate, akin to the Home Economics class I was required to take in seventh grade. It included such things like: How to change a tire, balance a checkbook, put […]

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Homeschool Survey

Homeschool survey

We started this website/blog for a variety of reasons. Our main reason is to have an avenue to share our homeschool journey with our family and friends. Our second reason is to help others who are new to homeschooling and those who may not understand why we do it. To better our site and help others,  we want to know […]

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Notebooking Page

notebooking page with drawing space

This notebooking page is a general use page with space for a drawing. *Download the free PDF here or click on the image below. *Print double-sided

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My Vocabulary Notebook

vocabulary notebook

 We just created this simple vocabulary notebook for our homeschool.  Every now an then, our son comes across a word in his reading that he does not know.  Up until now, we have always just asked him what he thought it meant and then told him what it actually means. As he heads into 3rd grade, we realized we needed […]

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